Chain link fencing mesh


Product description:

We distribute chain link fencing mesh made of galvanized wire, cost-effective for fencing a long-length plot of land.

The chain link fencing mesh is an economical option of fencing a plot of land, as it has a lower cost compared to other variants of fencing available on the market.

This type of mash is easy to assemble, even by unspecialized people.



Standard dimensions of manufacturing / delivery

Chain link fencing mesh

It has the advantage of being flexible, which allows the fencing of uneven plots or plain plots.

To make a chain link mesh fence you also need fence pillars, tension wire, tie-wire and bracing for the corners.

As the chain link fencing mesh has good ability to copy the plot, it is used for fencing in construction, agriculture, fencing houses, gardens or for fencing forests and pastures.

Types of chain link fencing mesh finishes:

- galvanization

- plasticizing (galvanization and coating with a PVC layer).

The chain link fencing mesh is available in 10 m rolls.

For a specific offer please send us: product name, size, steel quality, quantity and destination. Thank you!

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