Import, production and distribution of metallurgical products. In Romania and the European Union. Mai multe despre import

Who we are

A few words about us.

Who we are

We are a Romanian company, specialized in the supply and delivery of metallurgical products in Romania and the European Union. We offer to our clients a complete supply chain, from supply to delivery, customs operations, transportation on site.

We supply metallurgical products for several market segments: metal works and constructions, industry, agriculture, food, health.

We are always aware of what is important for our customers. Our relationships with local and foreign manufacturers help us to offer our customers quality products, manufactured to the highest standards, delivered on time.


Through our achievements, we have proven over time that we are a reliable company. We do our best to make sure that the projects are made professionally, delivering quality materials on time.

Honesty is very important to us, we do everything we can to achieve all projects with integrity and fairness, both with our customers and our suppliers.

We always improve the work process. We undertake to complete all projects within the deadlines established with the clients. Our partners use the best production technologies to avoid unpleasant surprises.
 The attention to detail is specific to our company and we are proud of that.

Group H - H Metal group operates in several fields.

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