Why do companies choose to work with us?


To be leaders in offering integrated solutions for the supply with metallurgical products in optimal delivery time for our clients in Romania and European Union.



We are committed to being among the best in our field and to stand to these high standards. We are committed to continuing to have competent and motivated employees oriented to find creative solutions in the distribution of metallurgical products. Through these commitments we will continue to bring value to our clients.




Our success is trust. As response to the issues, they have come to us, we have received from our clients’ requests to supply standard or atypical metallurgical products. The trust of our clients honors us.



Our success is our reliability. We do what we say, and we say what we do. We have never made promises that we cannot fulfill. Today, we do the same. We talk openly and we do not hide any problem but find solutions.



We assume that we do not have all the answers, and we are willing to learn and grow. Each experience (interaction) with someone can give us the opportunity to learn something new. We ask for help or advice where we think it is needed.



We are passionate about metal and about what we do in this field. We have results according to our passion and dedication, and this gives us a positive energy, transmitted to those we work with.



The team is our most valuable resource, a core of people who have common moral and ethical principles. We are grateful to have a strong and active team, eager to accept the challenges to become the best.

Group H - H Metal group operates in several fields.

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