Cold-formed Omega


Product description:

We manufacture, by order, cold-formed Omega of black, pickled or galvanized sheet.               

By stamping, we manufacture sheet profiles in a wide range of shapes and sizes, of high precision.                                                                                                                    

We sell cold-formed Omega profiles on abkant, all over the country.

Standard dimensions of manufacturing / delivery

Cold-formed Omega

It is a profile used in constructions for false ceilings and plasterboard walls.

As prefabricated profiles, it is extremely easy and quick to assemble them on the site, and the labor costs are among the lowest.

Cold forming is one of the cold plastic deformation processes, with the widest use for the manufacture of parts of various metal materials with shapes from the simplest to some very complex, used both in the production of unique and mass parts.

By cold forming, we may obtain parts with surfaces difficult to make by other methods or processes, beginning with flat semi-finished products.

For a specific offer please send us: product name, size, steel quality, quantity and destination. Thank you!

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