Corrugated roofing sheets


Product description:

H Metal sells corrugated galvanized sheet for the roofs of metal halls, in sheets up to 13 m.

Due to the fact that you may use the sheet in one piece, you get stiffening of the construction and a pleasant aesthetic aspect.

Compared to the standard sheet on the market, the losses are eliminated by 20%.

Standard dimensions of manufacturing / delivery

Thickness Weight Size l x L
Weight kg/sheet
(s) mm kg/mp 1050x1000 1050x2000 1050x3000 1050x4000 1050x6000 1050x7000 1050x9000 1050x10000 1050x12000 1050x13000
0.5 5 5 10 15 20 30 35 45 50 60 65
0.6 6 6 12 18 24 36 42 54 60 72 78
0.7 7 7 14 21 28 42 49 63 70 84 91
0.8 8 8 16 24 32 48 56 72 80 96 104
0.9 9 9 18 27 36 54 63 81 90 108 117

Corrugated roofing sheets

Advantages of corrugated galvanized sheet for roofs:


It is a light material and it may be used for constructions with light structure. Corrugated galvanized sheet is the ideal choice for roofs of large surface, extended facades and high walls.


It allows easy assembly as there are well-developed joining and installing methods. It requires minimum tools for installation and labor does not require special qualification.

Corrugated galvanized sheet is delivered to the construction site, having the sizes you require. This eliminates the loss of material, and the installation is quick and easy.

Corrugated galvanized sheet may be used for the construction of roofs.

Structurally, corrugated galvanized sheet for covers or light floors has the role of supporting loads perpendicular to its plane, but it may also act as diaphragms for the action of horizontal forces.

When you make a roof, you must consider the level of the slope made in construction. This is the roof lifting angle to prevent the retention of rainwater or snow.

Usually, the minimum slope is 4.5 ° (10%) or, if a single panel is used, from crown to overhang, 2.7° (5%).

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