Atypical cold-formed steel


Product description:

We make, by order, atypical cold-formed profiles (based on the client’s pattern) of black, pickled or galvanized sheet.

By cold forming, we manufacture sheet profiles in a wide range of shapes and sizes, of high precision.

We deliver cold-formed customized profiles on abkant.

Standard dimensions of manufacturing / delivery

Atypical cold-formed steel

The cold-formed products increase considerably the flexibility of the design and, in addition, allow very attractive, economical and sustainable solutions.

We mention some atypical stamped products made for our clients: grain or mince transportation gutters,  joining parts between cold-formed Sigma galvanized profiles, stamped profiles for protection and sealing attics.

We offer the possibility of making holes (for the joint screws) directly on the production line, which translates into reduced labor times.

The possibility to create profiles with special shapes and sizes, according to the client’s specification, represents a great advantage of these stamped products.

Customized cold-formed steel are used for:

- main structures (frames with pillars and beams);

- secondary structures (to support coatings and closures);

- lattice farms;

- upper floors, attics;

- beams for intermediate floors.


For a specific offer please send us: product name, size, steel quality, quantity and destination. Thank you!

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