1 arm fence post


Product description:

We make, by order, 1 arm fence post for the assembly of fences of medium security.

The 1 arm fence post have an inclined end, at 45 degrees, on a length of 500 mm. They are also provided with 3 rings for binding/fixing of the barbwire.

We deliver 1 arm fence post according to the required sizes.

One-arm pillars are generally used to protect property from theft and material damage.

Standard dimensions of manufacturing / delivery

1 arm fence post

What are the advantages of custom-made fence posts?

They are manufactured to the required size. You may choose both the size of the pipe of which they are made, and the height of the posts.

You may also choose for the finish you need.

On request, the fence posts are drilled according to the desired fastening system;

We manufacture 1-arm posts in various variants:

- made of steel pipe without corrosion protection;

- paint in electrostatic field according to the RAL catalog;

- hot-galvanized according to EN 1461 - by immersion in molten zinc bath;

- hot-galvanized + painted in electrostatic field.

We make 1-arm posts for the security of:

- industrial areas;

- commercial spaces;

- public institutions;

- households;

- telecommunication relays;

- agricultural farms;

- fish farms;

- warehouses of chemical products, warehouses of mineral oils, etc.

For a specific offer please send us: product name, size, steel quality, quantity and destination. Thank you!

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