Fence post with a sole


Product description:

We produce, by order, steel posts with a sole for the assembly of fences on a concrete base.

The post with sole are made of steel pipe of various sizes. These fence posts have a welded square small plate at the bottom, with 4 mounting holes on the base.

The fixing of the posts is made by means of expansion joints.  This makes the pillars easy to assemble and disassemble, thus considerably reducing the execution time of the fence.

We deliver metal fence pillars with fastening sole.

Standard dimensions of manufacturing / delivery

Livram, din stoc, urmatoarele dimensiuni de stalpi gard cu prindere pe beton:

40x30x2 mm; 40x40x2 mm; 50x50x2 mm; 60x40x1.5 mm si 60x40x2 mm.

De asemenea, la comanda, executam si alte dimensiuni de stalpi gard, conform proiectului dumneavoastra.

Fence post with a sole

As these are made by order, you may choose the height of the post, the size of the pipe of which the post is made and the protection coating.

Depending on the client’s requirements, the fence posts may also be delivered with accessory mounting holes.

The sole of the fence posts is made of sheet of 6 mm thickness. For 40x40 mm pipe pillars, the sole size is 90x90 mm, and for 50x50 mm or 60x40 mm pipe pillars, the sole size is 120x120 mm.

We manufacture posts with soles in 4 variants:

- without corrosion protection, made of clean steel;

- paint in electrostatic field according to the RAL catalog;

- hot-galvanized according to EN 1461 - by immersion in molten zinc bath;

- hot-galvanized + painted in electrostatic field.

We may also deliver posts with soles accompanied by assembly accessories:

- metal anchors;           

- tops for fence pillars;     

- accessories for joining the pillars to the panels.     

For a specific offer please send us: product name, size, steel quality, quantity and destination. Thank you!

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